Sep 02, 2017
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Nothing more to say…so I’ll catch ya next week!


xx ~K

Aug 31, 2017
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I get it. I’ve been there myself. You don’t want to highlight any personal flaws. You know…maybe you smile to big, or your eyes disappear when you smile, or you have dimples, or you need to loose weight, or you have braces, or you have curly hair that frizzes every afternoon, or worst YOU have pimples. I get it. There are things I could change myself and I’m talking about my outer appearance and inner and I’m in my early 40’s! Thing is…you will always be your worst critic. Once you can realize that things will be good. And those “so called” flaws that seem to standout to you is what makes …well…you…YOU! It’s what people love about you!

Think about the qualities you poses right now.  Not what you want to be in the future, but who you are right now.  What talents do you have? How do you enhance the lives around you? What do you appreciate about your friendships and parents? What is your story today?  How will you remember who you are today 20 years from now?

Her mother needed a reminder of what she was like at 14.

Joyous. Loving. Spirited.

Talented. Willing. Committed.

Friendly. Young. Stunning.

Dancer. Ballerina. Beautiful.

I have photographed this beauty before when she was eight.  Over the years she’s traded her baby dolls for point shoes and I was happy to capture who she is now.

What makes you YOU?

Think about it.

Then let me capture the unique you!

Can’t wait to meet you!

xx ~K

Aug 29, 2017
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My business mantra is: Do what you love. Help others. Call your mom for advice. Rinse and repeat.

xx ~K

Aug 27, 2017
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Why bringing your creativity to the table matters to me.

I say it to all my clients; I’m a storyteller, and your images are suppose to tell stories.  Let’s face it, anyone in the Eau Claire area can take a decent photo, but the question is can that photo tell a story?

When scheduling your session with me I’m all about getting to know you. After all, these photos I create will last your lifetime and be handed down for generations to come. My seniors and parents know it’s all about them, their story, what their location means to them, why they choose the outfits they do, and let’s not forget the jewelry that might have belonged to a grandmother, aunt, or it was purchased just for them.  Everything has meaning.

Sure, I can stick you in a field or lean you against a brick wall, make sure the light is perfect, ask you to smile big, and take a photo.  But that’s not the experience I want to give you.

I want to know you and your story.  I’m all ears…and I’ll have my camera in hand to document your perfect senior session.

Her story: Strength from the women in her life.

Location: The playground where she played her entire life.

Props: The chair from her bedroom.

Her idea:  Gathering the senior portraits from the amazing women she leans on for strength, guidance, and love.

What’s your story?

xx ~K




Aug 25, 2017
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Be Somebody

Who Makes

Everybody Feel

Like Somebody.