Oct 18, 2016
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Since senior season is coming to a close for me the end of this month I thought it would be fun to feature a senior from last year.  Banbury Place is a very popular place to photograph seniors.  I think the kids enjoy the urban look of the red bricks and funky colored steel doors. Needless to say this location does get photographed a lot and my job is to not produce portraits that look like others in the area. I love giving myself challenges. (wink)

I met Mr. P. on an August afternoon. His mom and sister came along to help out during his session which makes things more fun when you have people you trust and love there to support you. Most of the time I get wrapped up with the technical and creative aspects of my job, I don’t notice that stray hair, or the shirt collar that’s sticking up, or that shirt should be tucked in, you know those little things that can make or break an image.  So bringing a parent who knows you best is always suggested to make sure we get the best end product possible.  Plus when there’s more people involved there’s more laughs to go around and you guessed it….I LOVE to laugh.

Upon meeting Mr.P I noticed his soft auburn eyes and gentle smile. He was game for anything and so easy going.  Love people like this.



This image below I captured toward the end of our session together.  I got to know Mr. P just a bit more after spending a few hours with him and I always ask the kids at the end of the session to “work for me”.  This means I know they can give me a certain look and pose for my own portfolio purpose. I ask the kids to bring furniture to their session (it’s kinda my trademark) or I will bring a unique piece. In this case I provided the chair and Mr. P. provided the awesome look and pose.  Yeah…he nailed it!  WORD! senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4388senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4378 senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4377senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4383senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4380senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4379senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4381senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4382senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4374senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4376senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4375senior-photographer-kathryn-rose-images_4389

I love it when parents have such nice things to say.


All for now.

xx ~K