Every senior client has an amazing story of what makes them…well…them. I’m a story teller so giving full control to my clients when it comes to telling their stories is the heart of my business. Having a client choose their location because it has meaning to them keeps me on my toes creatively and my photography fresh. But what I really love, are the stories they tell of the whyWhy they love this location. Why it means something to them. And when it comes to their session they’re relaxed.  Why? Because their location is relaxing to them. Easy-peasy.  It’s a no brainier.

I’m sharing the gallery of one of Eau Claire’s best known animal activist. Her parents are the founders of Bob’s House for Dogs, and amazing advocates for senior dogs serving a purpose and matching them with forever homes. It was an honor to photograph her sunshine personality and boy can she tell some funny jokes!

Her locations: Hobbs Fountain, in the heart of Eau Claire’s downtown, to showcase her fun and playful side.  How can water not be playful right?  The other location was a picturesque private farm close to their home.


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